Beech Baby Pacifier

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  • Show your baby some love with the Beech Baby Pacifier! Made from all-natural beech wood, it's designed to soothe those pesky teething blues while introducing your little one to the great outdoors. No more plastic ickiness! Plus, the brightly-painted colors add a playful pop to any nursery. (You can never have too much color!)
  • The Beech Baby Pacifier is designed with safety and convenience in mind. Constructed from beech wood, it is lightweight yet durable and is BPA-free for ultimate peace of mind. Its classic design and easy-to-use clip make it the perfect addition to your baby's daily routine.
  • Introducing the Beech Baby Pacifier – safe, natural, and oh-so-adorable! Crafted from beech wood, this pacifier is free from harmful toxins and non-toxic, BPA-free, and clinically tested to create the perfect soothing experience for your little one. Perfectly shaped for baby’s mouth, it’s the perfect way to keep little ones content and happy!