Cotton Baby Wrapping Towel

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  • Cover your baby up in love with this soft and oh-so-cuddly Cotton Baby Wrapping Towel! It's the perfect way to wrap your little one up tight and make them feel secure and cozier than ever. With its 100% cotton fabric, your baby will be batting their eyelids in no time!
  • Our Cotton Baby Wrapping Towel is made from 100% natural cotton. It is super soft and absorbent, keeping your baby warm and comfortable. Its generous 70x90cm size is perfect for swaddling and wrapping. This lightweight but durable towel is gentle on your baby's skin and is a must-have for any nursery.
  • Keep your baby warm and cuddly with our Cotton Baby Wrapping Towel! Crafted from super soft cotton that's gentle on skin, this cozy towel wraps your little one up with warmth and love. Perfect for nap time, bed time, or after-bath play time. Delight in warm cuddles with our Cotton Baby Wrapping Towel!